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artist profile 

Michaela Washington-Welch (born May 2, 1996) is a black British artist based in south-east London, who is known for her modern-day pop art and biro based sketches.

Michaela is a full-time teacher assistant, who expresses her artistic talents in her free time, she is passionate about issues that affect her both directly and indirectly and she expresses these themes through her artwork. She is addressed as a modern-day pop artist as she uses simplistic everyday items to portray everyday real-life issues. You can see how Mel Ramos and mark Powell has inspired many of her works.

early life and education 

While Michaela was born in London, England, her father is Jamaican and her mother is from Guyana, South America. When Michaela was a child she was supported by her family in her interest to create creations. Her parents realised her passion from a young age when she used to steal cereal boxes which she later turned into slippers; tissue boxes which became cars for her Barbie’s and the collection of lollypop sticks that became wooden houses.

At a young age Michaela loved art in school, she used to take a sketchbook with her everywhere and that is where she revealed her love for art. At Plumstead Manor, she developed her skills for painting learned about other influential artist and identified the styles of art she was interested in. she was an ambitious student taking her ideas to extreme levels and never afraid to express the visions she created in her mind. Michaela Art GCSE work is commission in Greenwich town hall. After school, she then went on to study A-level art, philosophy and English which formed her artistic direction. She began to unravel the philosophical ideas in her artwork which was presented in her final piece. Michaela studied interior architecture at Nottingham Trent University where she evolved her 3D skills and sketching methods

personal life

A full-time teacher assistant who loves what’s she does for a living, however, art has always been her first love and she intends to present her artistic talents with the world. She presents work through visions and emotions towards a topic rather than creating an ‘artistic style’.