Is an art exhibition, that presents ideas, that are discussed through the social network site, Twitter. The art focuses on issues in relation to the black community, particularly ones that affect the artist herself.


Black Twitter is a cultural identity consisting of black users from around the world. It originally started in the United States, however, the online community has grown internationally and has become a worldwide influence.


Hashtags have contributed to the spread of online conversations, displaying information the news fails to discuss. In the exhibition, you will see work that presents the themes and ideas that arise on 'black twitter'.

Black Excellence 

'Black Excellence' is a colour swatch brand that showcases 50 different shades of black skin tones. The objective is for black people to find their shade and detect the person of the given complexion.


The objective of 'Black excellence' is to give an introduction to black history and the coulourism debate. The overall presentation of darker skinned people in the media is distorted, whilst exaggerating some dimensions.


The digital artwork expresses prosperous black people of all skin tones, exploring 50 beautiful shades of black and the successful black person that comes with each complexion.

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the revolution will be televised

The revolution will be televised' is based on the 2020 black lives matter protests. The murder of George Floyd, encouraged many countries to protest against the injustice of his murder. The artistic piece stages a protest march, Which allows you to become one with the crowd.


The protests signs in the painting demonstrate years of institutionalized racism towards black people. It articulates the continuous injustice towards them solely based on their race, throughout history and today life.

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'Men are trash' is a common hashtag that is used throughout twitter, people frequently use this when men have mistreated women.

The digital art piece represents a reprogramming system to change the narrative. Negative statements such as 'men are trash' is a frequent criticism, that is echoed in young black men's life.These negative statements can cause their brains to distort the truth and make it even more difficult to break the negative stigmas. Which encourages them to live up to the statement.


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#BlackBoyJoy is a popular Black Twitter hashtag, and is used to praise the accomplishments of black men. It creates a space for black men to celebrate themselves, outside of the projections society has placed on them.Evidence shows that Black men are far more likely than others to be diagnosed with severe mental health problems.

The daily affirmations are to be repeated regularly until they believe them. The positive mental repetition can reprogram their thinking patterns. Over time they will begin to think and act differently, and become part of the success of the black boy joy movement.


Ass and titties

'Ass and titties is an artistic statement used to present the ideas of sexualisation and sexual violence towards women. To disregard statements such as 'boys will be boys' and to educate young men on the severity of sexual violence. To let young females feel comfortable in all environments, neglecting the ideas of what she is wearing; the time she travels alone or the area she is in.

The Modern-day pop art painting, illustrating the most popular sex symbols in today society. They are an emblematic part of the era, by changing attitudes towards sexuality. 



In modern-day society, the narrative has changed and Caucasians have appropriated many aspects of black culture. The trend of having full lips have rapidly increased in today's beauty industry. People worldwide have absorbed various materials into and through the upper and lower lips to enhance beauty.


Black women's voluptuous lips have always been beautiful and will always be beautiful. Black woman's lips are a distinct part of their facial features that set them apart. These paintings represent the beauty behind their lips.


Black girl magic

The lip collection is a series of lips floating in space. The biro collection is inspired by Julia Randall 'Lick Line' however, the subject is based on the artist's lips.


People perceive full lips as sexual, but it is a critical part of the body, we need it to intake food and for the articulation of sound and speech.


'Full lips' are usually related to Afrocentric features and are sometimes perceived as sexual organs on black females. The lip collection presents black girls lips in floating space, eliminating other facial features to focus on the beauty of just their lips.