'Black isn't beautiful' is a statement generated based on the way the media presents black women. The conceptual idea that white features are the notion of beauty, is repetitively replayed in black girls lives.


Young black girls are ridiculed, based on the size of their lips, and black women have been overly sexualised by males as they perceive their lips are a symbol of sensuality.

In modern-day society, the narrative has changed, as Caucasians have appropriated black culture especially the feature of having full lips. Having full lips has been a newfound trend in the beauty industry. People worldwide have injected various materials into and through the upper and lower lips of all genders to enhance beauty.

Black women's voluptuous lips have always been beautiful and will always be beautiful. Their lips are a distinct part of their facial features that set them apart and in a world of assimilation. The painting represents the beauty behind their lips, emphasising naturally full lips, that lip enhancements could never achieve.