'Men Are Trash' is a prevalent hashtag on twitter. It is originated from South African twitter when women decided to use the social media platform to address numerous issues such as rape, patriarchy and domestic violence in their country.

The hashtag then became a podium to converse about the mistreatment of women in relationships with men and men's promiscuous behaviour.


Society has accepted mens toxic behaviour for decades, and women in today's society hold men accountable. This piece represents a reprogramming system to change the narrative. As a community, we need to change the mindset and behaviour of our young men, the hashtag #menaretrash is reprogrammed to call men positive affirmations. 


Negative statements such as 'men are trash' is a frequent criticism, that is echoed in young black men's lives. These negative statements can cause their brains to distort the truth and make it even more difficult to break the negative stigmas. Which encourages them to live up to the statement. The hashtag #menaretrash is erased and is reestablished with positive male affirmations. To influence the young men of today to do and be better, by erasing the negative labels being used towards them.