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This weeks post is about my Artnic (Art + Picnic = Artnic Wow the creativity is just to much !)

that I planned for one of my friends birthday, where I got the idea from and how to create your own. Sooooo here it goessss...

My cute little set up, transformed my living room into a perfect artnic (p,s I cooked as well so dont judge the amount of foood you see, this was just a light snack while we was getting creative)

On twitter came across a couple having an art date in the park, it was superrrr cute. All they had was paint and paper and created some simple art.

This was definitely something I wanted to recreate with my art buddy KP, it was his birthday so and we have been pending an art day so, I thought what a better way to celebrate it then to have an Artnic seeing we both love art and food.

Creative Juice (Pineapple Juice, Coconut Rum & Wray and Nephews)

As you can see we got really creative because we finished all the creative juice, I forgot to take a picture of it before. But a cocktail, or some wine is always cute unless you don't drink it can be an alcohol free drink.

As we live in England the weather is not always amazing so I ad to improvise and have an indoor picnic. I got loads of ideas from pinterest of indoor picnics and art parties, combining the two ideas together to create an Artnic.

This is a cute and cheap idea to have a chilled but fun day. Its productive if your an artist because by the end of the day you would have completed a piece even if it s small, also having another artist with you to encourage you is amazing.

I don't think its something just for couples or artist, I think it is something you just do with your friends for fun.seeing that summer is around the corner (if we get one in England this year) its the time to just chill and spend time with the galssss or the boyss (or both) and its not everyday spend money. this is just a cheap way to do something either in the comfort of your own home.

If i was to do it again I will maybe print out some images because we was both struggled on what to paint, we was quite indecisive for a while.

The Finishing Product (KPs is the better one)

Check out my pintrest on ideas how to decorate your living room or outdoor picnic ideas

Board: Artnic

Where to buy things from...


Paintbrushes £2

A4 Sketchbook £1

Tote bag £1

The Works

A4 Canvas with easel £3

Paint palet £1


Fairy lights £1

Light box £2

3 biscuits £1


Acrylic paints £3

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