Casa Das Mudas

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Firstly, I have to apologies for not posting as regularly (I am still new to this, please forgive me), I like to be enthusiastic about my posts and I have to be inspired and intrigued by something before I can write about it. Sooooooo here we go...

This weeks post is about Arts Centre - Casa Das Mudas in Portugal. The building is a perfect combination of modern and historical architecture, Paulo David does this by making the the architecture become one with its surroundings. My post will show images I have taken of the building and my opinion on the interior and exterior of the building.

Studying Interior Architecture and Design in university, It is something I still strongly appreciate. I usually prefer the interior, hence the course I studied but the calculated design of Casa Das Mudas is mind blowing.

Those of you who read my posts know that I changed career paths and has gone into teaching. I can't express how much I do not miss my university course, however, I think I have found my love for architecture again (I don't think I lost it but i wouldn't go out of my way to find it).

This building has made me realise how much I adore architecture, especially that I was more interested in the building design than the artwork.

The architecture was PHENOMENAL ! (that is the only way to describe it)

Casa Das Mudas is a building I strongly recommend to see if you ever travel to Portugal.

The exterior of the building, intentionally exemplify the views of its surroundings. Using materials such as grey bricks are, illuminate the contrast between the modern architecture and the historical surroundings. The layout of the buildings, creates a frame around the area, forcing you to focus on different views based on where you are standing. This idea is carefully continued in the interior, with various incisions (windows) to pinpoint particular views of the site. This idea is illustrated in the following photographs below.

Views from the building are indescribable, as terrified as I am of heights it was an outstanding view that I was not willing to loose out on.

The interior, was clean and sharp. It presents clean white walls with careful consideration of lighting. The spacial design was easy to navigate to and from the different gallery spaces. Using a variety of gallery spaces, some with open layouts, which are useful when continuing the same artist work in various rooms.

One thing I think it lacked was the explanation of work, I love to understand the story behind the collection of pieces, how the artist came about it. However I loved the variety of media, from paintings (both acrylic and oil), installations, sculptures etc.



Ticket Price: 4 Euros (Prices may vary due to the exhibition, however you can experience the exterior for free)

Taxi (from the beach to the mountain): 6 Euros

Location: Vale dos Amores, Calheta, Madeira, Portugal

Architect: Paulo David

For more information on the design and the architecture please go to:

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