Great wall of China

*Clears throat and puts on YouTube voice*


This post is about my visit to the great wall of China

I am terrified of heights but guess who faced her fears? ME! Yes, Michaela Suzannah Washington-Welch did the great wall.

First of alllll, no one told me you had to walk about 30 mins up stairs before you even get to the Great Wall. The breaks I did. Make sure you take a lot of water, girls don't wear make up (I made that mistake) by time I got to the top all my make up was MISSINGGG !!

I literally do no exercise in my day to day life, I was out of breath before we even started, I had to ask these European boys on their way done, if it is even worth it. One of them said it was so I had to pursue the journey.

So I climbed the stairs with the poop group (the only ones I actually vibed with in the British council group). When we got to the top I deeped how high we was and I started crying. I was already sweating from the walk but then my hands got sweaty (which never happens unless I am scared, like when my parents took me on the Eiffel tower, that is a different story for a different day). Everyone was so supportive but I told them to go on without me, I sat by a cafe that was at the top, bought some water, because the lady wouldn't let me sit there for free *rolls eyes* so I just payed for it and sat on a table there.

I was literally sitting by myself crying (yes, at my big age I am emotional hence why I am in China working on my flaws), then I gave myself a pep talk. Coming to live in China is a once in a life time opportunity, let alone being able to say that you've climbed the Great Wall. I sat there and prayed asked God to rebuke all the fear that I was experiencing, God doesn't create us with fear and he created everything on this earth so why should I be scared?

I got up and walked back made a video for my mum and dad as proof that In did it. I stayed up there for a while took some pictures and then I walked back down the steep stairs on my ones. I was literally singing gospel on my way down I was definitely scared.

Other than my graduation day this is one of my proudest day, that I faced my fear of heights. GWANNNNN GIRL !

The evidence that I did great wall, no they are not photoshopped

Michaela did that :)

When I got down I got souvenir magnet for my sister (we buy magnets from every country we travel to) and then I saw some man who called me over and told me to come over. I saw he was concentrating on something so I went over and started talking to him, he was so lovely and he was working on some art work, so I had to support the cause. I bought two of these bottles one from my mum and the other for my dad. He wrote their names in Chinese at the side of it.

More information of the Great Wall of China

Great Wall is somewhere I strongly recommend you go to at least once in your life.

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