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A rare picture of me laughing #fakelaughing

*Clears throat and puts on YouTube voice*


My name is Michaela Washington-Welch, my name is extremely long as my dad decided to join his middle name and surname together. The positive about it, is its memorable and it sound ‘rich’ apparently.

I am a full time progress coach, which is a fancy name for teaching assistant. I haven’t been in this job role for long but I absolutely love it. I love the fact that every day is different, I literally don’t know what to expect every time I turn up to work. I started working in a school, to gain some experience with young people as I aspire to be the waviest art teacher ever.

Art was my first love, after Lala from teletubbies (if you know, you know). I have been a young creative from EARLY.

My earliest creations:

  • Constructing toy cars for my Barbie dolls, made out of tissue boxes.

  • Fashioning outfits from my cut up ballet clothes.

  • Creating slippers, from cereal boxes and tissue paper.

  • Forming jewellery out of pasta for my mum at nursery .

Now that I have shared this information with you, you have to subscribe and read my weekly blogs because we are actually pals now that you have knowledge of my crazy creations.

2018 is my year of achieving goals. and part of this is promoting my artwork more; selling my first piece of art and...



My website, Instagram, and Blog will have updates on my artwork, how projects are going. Please follow me on all socials to be updated with my current movements. Hopefully, you love my work as much as my friends and family do. I will also love some feedback and advice, on things I could improve or create.

I have created a blog to discuss weekly artwork, movements, themes, topics and architecture.

So stay tuned for my weekly blogs and tell everyone you know about them !

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