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This weeks blog post is giving an insight to my upcoming art exhibition, I will be looking at artist that inspire me and help me with presenting my ideas.

This weeks artist is Sandra Gamarra, a Spanish artist, have to support my female artist *YAASSS SIS*. The piece I saw at Tate it called Masculine which was created in 2007, (some days modern art). I was drawn to it because of the detail in the painting which you will see for yourself, with the images below. I was blown away with the amazing painting techniques on such a small scale.

Masculine consists of 24 paintings, each image depicting men, which Gamarra choose from the 2007 sale catalogue. The A4 size of the paintings were very well thought about as it was designed to match the appearance of the catalogue. The images are more abstract as they are painted, as a consequence it can be harder to identify figures and difficult to read the text. The selection of images displays the representations of gender and masculinity within the art market.

I like the theme behind her work, and I love that it it expresses nudity of men in an nonsexual manor and portraits with mellow expressions. It displays the opposition of the way woman are usually portrayed in the media (woman are usually illustrated as sex icons) . Because we live in a century that people still believe it is a mans world and woman are exist to please them *rolls eyes*. Let me not get into that one, just know I have some exciting pieces for Feminist and woman who are aware of their worth.

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