My Baecation

*Clears throat and puts on YouTube voice*


First of all my apologies for the late post, in all honesty, I was living MY BEST LIFE! last week and I knew you guys will understand, so here is the delayed post...

"My Baecation" Yeah, I knew you fast people will be eager to read this weeks blog post with that title. Yes, I went on a Baecation, with myself. I am Bae and I went on holiday by myself, therefore I went on my first Baecation (Nobody should at me).


This week, is about me AGAIN? yes, WHY? ermmmm because it was MY 22nd BIRTHDAY!

I went on my first solo holiday and it was phenomenal, I literally loved every moment it. It was my most relaxing holiday because I was a lady of leisure, I did things in my own time and at my own pace. I traveled to Greece for 4 nights and stayed at the Avra Imperial Spa and Resort.

On my actual birthday, I treated myself to a spa day with a full body massage. In the evening I went to dinner, had a cheeky cocktail next to the poolside. Then I ended the evening by taking a romantic stroll on the beach (on my ones), and it was so beautiful just watching the sunset.

My Holiday was full of couples and families, which at first it will make me lonely, but it was actually okay. I forgot how much I love my own company (because of I am truly amazing).

Sometimes seeing couples in love when you are single, makes you feel some type of way. Especially on social media, seeing couples go on romantic dates and baecations makes you crave that. But I think this holiday just made me appreciate me, myself and I even more than I already did and, made me realise how much I have achieved in this past year.

I have achieved so much since I was 21:

  • I have overcome depression

  • Built a relationship with God, and made an attempt to finish the Bible (I have been slacking but I am working on it)

  • Graduated

  • Started a job in the career I want to work in

  • Went on my first solo holiday

  • Started my art website/blog

  • Learned to appreciate myself worth more, and not to rely on anyone to treat me like the princess I am but me and God

I've been waiting for the love of my life to come in my life and treat me like the princess I am, Yet I am the one who took myself on holiday along with treating myself. Also giving myself everything I deserve and more. So it made me realise that I don't need anyone to treat me like a princess, I can do it all for myself. I am blessed enough to have a job that makes me happy and allows me to financially treat myself to things such as holidays.

I am a princess & I love me more than anything else, so why not spend more alone time? I personally think everyone needs to experience a solo trip or holiday at least once in their lives. its an amazing experience to just relax and have your time.

To top my amazing holiday, I came back and my friends & family surprised me. My friends came from back from University, took time off work to throw a suprise tracksuit party (I live in tracksuits) They have been planning it for months. I have to do a shout out to everyone who was involved even if they weren't present on the day because you all are amazing and have shaped me to be the woman I am today.

I am proud of myself, with all my achievements and I am thankful for all the doors God has done for me with continuously blessing me.


I booked my holiday through Travel Republic

I flew with Norweigian

The hotel I stayed at was Avra Imperial Spa and Resort

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