Ningbo Museum

*Clears throat and puts on YouTube voice*

HI GUYS, WELCOME BACK TO MY BLOG PAGE! Day out in Ningbo, since I have been in China the weather has been amazing nice and hot, around 30 Degrees. The weather this day was the worst I have seen it. It was cold and raining so basically England. I left my house in a t-shirt because I assumed it will be warm like the other days it has rained. But it wasn't...

My students from my grade 2 class wanted to show me around Ningbo. Its really mad that you can chill with your students out side of school in China. When I was in London I was working in a PRU (Pupils Referral Unit) so you can only imagine the safe guarding issues we faced on a daily bases. I am getting used to the drastic changes between schools in China and England.

My students took me to a local museum, it only took about 10 minutes on the bus from our school. We was quite early arrived at 8:30 and the museum opened at 9 (Chinese are early risers) . When we arrived I was just admiring the architecture and thinking KP will love this, so I took some pictures but the gloomy weather doesn't do it much justice.

The interior was loads of information of the history of Ningbo, it was very interesting. I came to the city not doing any research because I wanted to come with no expectations (I still don't know if that was a good idea or not) but the museum and my students informed me about a lot of things.

The exterior architecture was beautiful, the detail of the brickwork was just phenomenal I think the architect used recycled bricks, and I do love a building without 90 degree angles

We explored Nantang old street that had different shops. I tried octopus balls with fish eggs and seaweed. It was different. I also ate frog, that tasted like chicken, I am not usually very experimental with food, I don't mess around with my taste buds. However, I am in a new country and I am here to experience new things, you can not love everything. I did not love the food but I did not hate it either, something I can say I have tried.

Find out more about the Ningbo Museum architecture here.

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