Three Cities in seven days

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China has been hard, definitely the hardest experience of my entire life. We had a week off called Golden week and I refused to stay in Ningbo on my own so I decided to travel to different cities. The police station took my passport for my residence permit, they gave me a slip and said I could travel with it, however the story changed once I booked my ticket. Apparently I couldn’t travel without my passport on the train so I needed my passport I prayed about it and left it to Go, and of came through as I knew he would. God is good all the time, all the time God is good.

This is basically my dairy entry of Golden week, lets see how interesting my week was...

My Golden Week itinerary

First stop Hangzhou 

Day 1- Saturday 28th September 2018

Nearly missed my train. In china you have to call the taxi from the street if you don't have the Didi app (Chinese Uber) the taxi man dropped off the guy to the airport first I re-booked my ticket.

Got to the hotel and the man told me I had to pay £80 I was so confused because this language barrier was crazy. Anyways got to the room now and the maids had not cleaned it yet so I had to carry my stuff back downstairs and ask for a new room, the key didn't work so I had to go back downstairs. He came to my room with a fruit basket to apologies he was a sweetheart.

Metropolo, Hangzhou, East Railway Station

I went to West Lake, Hangzhou. West Lake is a beautiful lake surrounded by mountains, I has to get a boat to see the Three moons it was about 50 yuan which is around £5. Three moons was absolute breath taking and beautiful I just cannot explain it. The sun started setting as well which made the experience even better.

Three Moons, West Lake Hangzhou

Day 2 - Sunday 29th September 2018

Leifeng Pagoda on Sunset Hill, Hangzhou

My fear of heights is really being tested in this china. This temple is on top of the mountains and at first I was like there is no way I am going to the top. In my head I was thinking what

is my business up there the views only going top be the same, but I am so glad a motivated myself to do it the views were phenomenal !

I had to take some pictures looking like sexy senorita

Leifeng Pagoda on Sunset Hill, West Lake, Hangzhou


Day 3 - Monday 1st October

I arrived late to Kunshan so I literally showered and ordered some pizza but my air bnb was super cute the view was only apartments, but they lit up and looked so beautiful.

Day 4 - Tuesday 3rd October

The craziest thing happened today, I was so slumped so I got up a little late and was being schedule I bought some subway, but I heard someone call my name, then I was like nahhhhhh i'm in China and this is a city that no one else will be. I bumped in to Shannon (one of the girls on the British Council) and her boyfriend Andrew we had a cheeky catch up. I was already late and got off the bus at the wrong stop it was all just long, I FINALLLLLY got to the Chongyuan Temple and it was amazing. It sat in the middle of the lake and it was beautiful, when I walked inside I saw and I a massive gold female Buddha literally said 'oh wowwww'.

Chongyuan Temple, Kunshan

Day 5- Wednesday 4th October

I got up early to travel to the Anceint town which was an hour journey from the air bnb. It was also much hotter than I expected this day, but it was so cute, I really wanted to go on the boats but I didn't have enough money (you're basically a peasant in china without We Chat or Ali pay). Some strange man started talking to me and then following me, I had no idea what was going on I somehow got him to leave me alone then I went shopping.

Qiandeng Ancient Town, Kunshan

THIRD STOP SHANGHAI The best city !! I don't even know if I loved the actual city or if it was because of the people I explored it with. I arrived in shanghai Akwasi and Seun came to pick me up from the train station. I have to say Akwasi was the best host I don't know how he coped with us tbh. We went fake market (a place you can get fake designers that look legit).

We got back and got ready, and went to club M1NT

Day 6- Thursday 4th October 2018

Was a write off we was supposed to go site seeing today but it didn't happen at all. I spent the whole day recovering from last night antics. Jojo arrived and Adnan came over, we literally ate and chilled for the whole day. In the evening we went to Bar Rouge the view was phenomenal it showed the whole strip of Shanghai's building which was beautiful. The vibe at Bar Rouge was different from M1NT last night so we decided to go to another club, in the process Jojo was absolutely finished, he nearly fell down the stairs, twisted his ankle by running into a car. Adnan got robbed by two homeless ladies while we was trying to get a taxi this all happened within the space of 10 minutes. I wish I had a body cam to record it.

Day 7- Friday 5th October 2018

Last full day we went to the fake market, it was a very interesting vibe it was a very different experience. I left with a Supreme top and a North Face &Supreme collaboration jacket. The woman was soooooo stubborn Jojo was really trying to work his Chinese but she was something else. in the end we got it from 800 Yuan to 500 Yuan.

Can we deep I was in Shanghai for the longest amount of time and I have no decent pictures I will definitely be back.

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