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Yes, its that time of week again hope you guys have enjoyed last weeks post, but I have got something wild for you guys this week.

WOMAN ARE FURNITURE ! Wow what a title Michaela, I know it mad right. but literally Allen Jones turns women into furniture. He has taking the love and obsession of the woman body and he has taken it to another level, Which is crazy !

Allen Jones is such controversial artist and I love it !

Some people may think he is sexualising women, however he produced them at the time the woman's liberation movement was at ts peak, however many female artist the time disagreed with his work. But art is very subjective, it all depends on how you perceive it. I think woman are amazing and we are a work of art, why not turn us into everyday art that you can have in your house?

However, I can understand why people are offended, As woman have been sexualised and dominated by men for years. some people believe woman are the submissive gender and should always confined to male dominated rules. Also woman used to the be the domestic gender and was just seen to care for their husbands, from looking after the home to sex. so I can understand the offence taken, when woman are always seen as sexual objects and have literally been turned into them.

If I was really rich this will be something I will have in my house. Its one of them unnecessary items that you'll never use but its just an amazing feature that adds character. I have seen the Provocative chair in Tate Britain and it was amazing, I would highly recommend you to go and see it in real life, and you'll understand why its something I would love in my house.

Allen Jones - Provocative Chair

Allen Jones - Provocative Handstand

Allen Jones - Provocative Table

For information on Allen Jones

Definitely visit Tate Britain to see the Provocative Chair !

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